Student Registration Form

Students will be admitted to the Imboden Area Charter School until the 150 student quota has been met or until the current building is filled to capacity, providing students are somewhat evenly dispersed across grade levels.  Individual classrooms may be full before the school’s quota is met.

The application deadline is May 1st prior to the school year during which the students will be attending.

If the grade groups are not filled by the deadline, applications are then accepted on a first come, first served basis until the groups are filled.

IACS divides applications into four grade groups; K-1, 2-3, 4-5, and 6-7-8.  Returning students with completed applications are admitted first, followed by siblings of returning students.  If more students apply in one or more groups than can be accommodated, a random lottery is held in a public assembly to fill the remaining positions.  The following procedure is used for the lottery:

  • Each application is grouped and numbered in the order it is received.
  • Each applicant’s number is placed in an individual non-transparent capsule.
  • Capsules are placed in the appropriate container for the grade group.
  • One capsule is drawn from the container, numbers recorded, and matched to student applications.  If the student drawn has siblings in the lottery, they are accepted at that time and recorded in the appropriate group.
  • This drawing procedure will continue until the appropriate number of students who can be accommodated is drawn.

Students not randomly chosen, or those who apply after the quota has been met, will be placed on a waiting list and selected randomly to fill openings in individual classrooms as they occur.

In order to be accepted as applicant, we must have a completed Registration Form. You may download and complete the following Registration Form and bring it to the school office, or send it to us by mail at Imboden Area Charter School, PO Box 297, Imboden, AR  72434.

2023-24 Student Registration Form

2022-23 Student Registration Form