Teacher Qualifications – Highly Qualified Status

Selecting teachers is one of the most important responsibilities of school leaders.  Teachers must be trained in their subject area through university study and are required to pass a variety of tests, demonstrate knowledge, and hold an Arkansas license to teach.  In addition, each teacher must pass a background check conducted by the FBI and the Arkansas State Police and a Child Maltreatment check by the Department of Human Services.

In addition to these preliminary prerequisites, it is also important for teachers to exhibit a high degree of enthusiasm and a personal commitment to working with students.  These are the most important qualities we seek in aspiring teachers and selecting the best available teacher for every classroom is our highest priority.

Teacher licensure requirements in Arkansas are rigorous, and they are designed to prepare the best teacher for your student’s academic achievement.  Coupled with this is recent federal No Child Left Behind legislation, which requires teachers of core academic classes to hold a designation as a Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT).

2014-15 Highly Qualified Teacher Status

2013-14 Highly Qualified Teacher Status

2012-13 Highly Qualified Teacher Status